Rules regarding mask wearing at DVRS Mackay

Rules regarding mask wearing at DVRS Mackay

Mask-wearing is mandatory in Queensland as of 5pm on Monday March 29, 2021.

This means that all visitors to the Domestic Violence Resource Service must wear a mask. If you do not have a mask we are able to provide you with one.

All Queenslanders are required to carry a face mask with them at all times when leaving home, with the exception of children under 12 years of age and anyone with certain medical conditions.

You must wear a mask in indoor spaces (unless you’re in your own workplace and you can abide by the 1.5m social distancing requirements) and it is strongly recommended that you wear a mask in busy outdoor spaces as well.

If you are doing vigorous exercise, you do not have to wear a mask.

If you’re visiting DVRS Mackay to see a counsellor, the Queensland Government has clarified the mask-wearing rule and how it relates to one-on-one counselling sessions:

“You must wear a mask when you are indoors, unless it is in your own home or a workplace where physical distancing can be maintained. A counsellor would not need to wear a face mask if physical distancing can be maintained, but a client would still need to wear one. If in doubt, wear a mask.”

As these rules are likely to change please, before visiting DVRS, refer to the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 Advice for the most recent updates on mask-wearing and the current COVID-19 restrictions.